Nothing is more powerful than the art of conversation.

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You already know that communications are vital to effective political campaigns.

Whether you're seeking donations or looking to measure and influence public opinion, outbound telemarketing is a highly effective part of your marketing mix.

And, while polital telemarketing has been around for decades, recent advances in demographic profiling has definately increased it's effectiveness. GRASSROOTS Fund Group manages extensive national lead pools allowing us to targeting demographic segments for stronger results.

Fundraing, early voting reminders, persuasion calls, advocacy calls, special event notifications, candidate searches and endorsement calls make Grassroots an essential partner to fulfill all of your outreach needs.

90 million calls

By 2004, Democrats and Republicans made around a combined 90 million recorded calls to voters.


Take advantage of the technology infrastructure we have in place.

Our call center leverages highly scalable telecommunications equipment and all the call volume and bandwidth necessary to handle your campaign's needs.

demographic profiling
Call recording capabilities
All the bandwidth you need

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We have the ability to build and launch live calling campaigns for same day requests.

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Our call center staff are telemarketing professionals.

Nothing is more critical to a contact campaign than assurance that the practices of every call representive speaks perfectly. Our highly trained representitives deliver a positive customer experience, and clearly convey your message.

We also analyze script performance and make real-time adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

We craft inbound and outbound campaigns that blend performance with compliance.

State telemarketing rules are built into every call campaign to ensure floor supervisors, IT and sales representitives comply with the dialogue structure.

Good data is critical to campaign success.

GRASSROOTS has access to a lot of data, including voter rolls and donor lists. We can also clean and append your existing data.

Campaign Strategies

We can target client segments — new and existing — to create an optimal environment for your direct marketing campaigns. Strategies include Voter ID, Live Calls, GOTV calls, Advacacy Calls, Donations and Fundraising, Tele-town Recruitment, and Surveys.

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